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YAML.node Build Status

A simple binding for LibYAML.


$ npm install libyaml


var YAML = require('libyaml');

There's a basic JSON-like API:

var documents = YAML.parse('Hello world!');
var data = YAML.stringify({ fancy: ['object', 'structure'] });

And also a fs-like API:

YAML.readFile('myfile.yml', function(error, documents) {
  /* ... */

var doc1 = { first: 'document' };
var doc2 = { another: 'doc' };
YAML.writeFile('myfile.yml', doc1, doc2, function(error) {
  /* ... */

Including synchronous variants:

var documents = YAML.readFileSync('myfile.yml');
YAML.writeFileSync('myfile.yml', doc1, doc2);

Hacking the code

git clone
cd yaml.node
npm install
npm test

Upgrading from pre-0.1.0

As of 0.1.0, the API immitates the JavaScript built-in JSON parser for string handling, and the Node.js built-in fs-module for file I/O. Function names have changed as follows:

YAML.load ➞ YAML.parse
YAML.dump ➞ YAML.stringify

YAML.loadFile ➞ YAML.readFile
YAML.dumpFile ➞ YAML.writeFile

YAML.loadFileSync ➞ YAML.readFileSync
YAML.dumpFileSync ➞ YAML.writeFileSync

YAML.parse ➞