A Node.js multi-thread package,using libuv lib


node multi thread support using libuv.

With npm:

libuv_thread module is supported windows, linux, mac.

Make sure, node-gyp has installed.

 npm install libuv_thread

From source:

 git clone
 cd libuv_thread
 node-gyp rebuild

To include the module in your project:

 var libuv_thread = require('libuv_thread');

##Simple Example:

var thread = require('../');
var threadFunc = function(obj){
    return ++obj.count;
thread(threadFunc, {count:0}, function(err,count){
    if(err) return console.log(err);
    console.log(count);//this will print 1


libuv_thread(func, obj, callback);

func: thread work function

obj: arguments for the thread funtion

callback:has two arguments,error and result,the result will be thread work return value