a node wrapper for RoadRunner


A RoadRunner library wrapper.


  1. Use git to clone the repository: git clone git://
  2. Go into the librr project folder: cd librr
  3. Install required packages npm install


Development can be done using Vagrant. Vagrant allows you to develop in a virtual environment (virtual machine). A custom built VM (based on Ubuntu 12.04 32-bit) that already has RoadRunner and its dependencies installed is available.

To setup the development environment:

Download Vagrant. (VirtualBox is also a requirement).

Download the prepared virtual machine image here. Unzip and locate

Add the VM to Vagrant with:

    $ vagrant box add rr

Find a directory, or make a new one, to initialize the box. This directory will be mounted at /vagrant as a VirtualBox shared folder automatically.

    $ vagrant init rr # initializes directory for use with Vagrant and the librr box
    $ vagrant up # this starts the virtual machine containing RoadRunner
`$ vagrant ssh`
* The project files for RoadRunner and `librr` are located in the home
  directory (`/home/vagrant/rr` and `/home/vagrant/librr`).
  1. npm test

Current Status

  • librr_c_api loads okay, but error occurs during simulation
Loading SBML into simulator
Processing model: Feedback
Compiler command:  2>&1 >> compilation.log
Compile system call returned: 512
Creating DLL failed..