Generates phrases using character distribution of text


LibroIpsum is a simple placeholder text generator similar to other lorem ipsum tools. LibroIpsum differs from traditional lorem ipsum in that it can be used to generate random phrases from any source text, using character distribution analysis to generate new phrases.

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Use LibroIpsum from Node.js, RequireJS, or directly in the browser.

npm install libroipsum
function(LibroIpsum) {
    // ...
<script src="path/to/libs/LibroIpsum.js"></script>
new LibroIpsum(sourceText).generate(numberOfWords[, keyLength]);
  • sourceText: String representation of text from which phrases are to be generated
  • numberOfWords: Number of words to be generated
  • keyLength: Length of key (integer), where larger number will create phrase more similar to original text (optional, defaults to 6)

Copyright (c) 2013 Andrew Duthie

Released under the MIT License (see LICENSE.txt)