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A file management system for larger sites


An express module responsible for managing dynamic file uploads and downloads:

npm install librarian
  • Easy file uploading
  • Lazy file resizing

Bare bones example app

var librarian = require('librarian')
var app = librarian()
app.listen( 8888 )

Librarian takes an options object that may contain any of the following keys:

The cors value will be passed directly into the express cors middleware. If you leave this option out, cors will not be used.

A storage plugin is used to store the binary image data.

A data plugin is used to store file metadata. This includes things like size, filename, and mimetype.

A cache plugin is used to cache data fetched from the storage plugin.

Librarian accepts plugins for storage, caching, and file data. By default, librarian uses in memory implementations of all of these. You can probably get away with using the in memory cache for small setups, but DO NOT use the in memory storage/data plugins in production.



  id: 'e10a0a08-1688-4dff-8a26-fea6ff32e2d4',
  size: 125731,
  name: 'ducks.jpeg',
  mimeType: 'image/jpeg'

Get the image. Query params of height, width, and max can be supplied.

If max is provided, width and height will be ignored.

If both height and width are provided, the aspect ratio of the image will be maintained. The output image will fit completely within the height and width defined.

max, height, and width can all be integers or one of the "presets".


Name Value
icon 64
thumbnail 128
small 256
medium 512
large 1024
huge 2048


  id: 'e10a0a08-1688-4dff-8a26-fea6ff32e2d4',
  size: 125731,
  name: 'ducks.jpeg',
  mimeType: 'image/jpeg'