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    Node.js bindings for liboqs (Open Quantum Safe) through liboqs-cpp.

    WARNING: The cryptographic algorithms used in liboqs are experimental. Do not use this module in production.

    If you still decide to ignore the above warning, then please use this module only on data that had been encrypted with a standard and trusted algorithm beforehand.

    API Documentation

    Please see

    const {
      Random, // Utilities for generating secure random numbers
      KEMS, // Information on supported key encapsulation mechanisms
      KeyEncapsulation, // Key encapsulation class and methods
      Sigs, // Information on supported signature algorithms
      Signature // Signature class and methods
    } = require("liboqs-node");


    (Note: This module has only been tested on Ubuntu 20.04 and will probably not work on non-Linux platforms. Please report any issues.)

    This module is only compatible with Node.js >=12.11.0.

    For Linux x86_64, binaries may be available, in which case you will not need to install any other system dependencies, so skip to doing npm install liboqs-node.

    You will first need to install the liboqs dependencies. Follow the instructions for your OS.

    Additionally, you should have OpenSSL >=v1.1.1.

    In case you do not already have git installed, it will also be required.

    Then, install the module as usual: npm install liboqs-node.

    There are currently no prebuilt binaries for non-Linux operating systems.


    Please report issues at

    Pull Requests

    Feel free to submit pull requests to


    npm i liboqs-node

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