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Library FormField for Angular

This library was generated with Angular CLI version 8.2.14.

For install npm i lib-form-fields

About this library

This library include:;

  • Button Component;
  • Checkbox Component;
  • Label and Desc Component (base include on other component);
  • Input Component;
  • Input-error Component (base include on Input component;
  • Select Component;
  • Textarea Component.

Input component has different selector. This done for make your code more readable and short.

Button Component

Button Component is directive, which can add on tags button and a. This directive input one variable. This variable can take three value: basic, primary and link. For example: <button nrBtn='basic' (click)='doSomething()'>Click</button>. This component allow you set on button some svg-icon and text.

CheckBox Component

CheckBox Component is component, which allow set true or false value for same control on your form. This component input one variable. It is name, on this variable you must input name of formControl. For example: <nr-checkbox name='savePassword'><nr-fc-label>Сохранить пароль</nr-fc-label><nr-fc-desc>Если поле не выбрано, то пароль не будет сохранен в базу</nr-fc-descl></nr-checkbox>

Label and Desc Component

This component allow you add name and description for different fields.


For use this component you must use tag nr-fc-label. For example: <nr-fc-label>Hi, world!</wm-fc-label>


For use this component you must use tag nr-fc-desc. For example: <nr-fc-desc>Goodbye, world!</wm-fc-desc>

Input Component

Input Component is component for input some text and number. This component include different selector, which use different style for input field:

  • <nr-input-text> allow you input text on this field;
  • <nr-input-email> allow you input email address on this field;
  • <nr-input-password> allow you input password on this field;
  • <nr-input-number> allow you input number on this field.

This component input three variable:

  • name - name your formControl;
  • placeholder - placeholder which set on this field;
  • appearance - input two value standard and outline. Base is outline.

For example: <nr-input-text name="name" placeholder="Your Name" appearance="standart">...</nr-input-text>

Input-error Component

This component include on Input Component. For use it, you need set Validator params on your formControl.

Select Component

This component allow you make custom selector with svg-icon, image and div-blocks. This component input:

  • items - array with object (use class Item, for correct work);
  • selectedItem - it is object, which include in items (base this value is null);
  • multiple - select your component can select many items or not (base this value is false);
  • placeholder - placeholder for this field, which display when selectedItem = false.

You must use tag nr-select-item for put items on nr-select-template.

For example: <nr-select-template [items]="yourItems" [selectedItem]="currentItem"><nr-select-item *ngFor="let item of items">{{item.title}}</nr-select-item></nr-select-template>

Textarea Component

This component such as InputComponent and allow you input long message.


npm i lib-form-fields

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