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Autocode standard library Node.js bindings

Basic Node bindings for Autocode standard library service accession (Node 4+).

Used to interface with services built using Autocode and the Autocode CLI.

The lib package is available on npm: lib and operates as zero-dependency interface to run Autocode standard library APIs and web services. This means that you can utilize any service on Autocode without installing any additional dependencies, and when you've deployed services to Autocode, you have a pre-built Node.js SDK --- for example;

Callback Style

const lib = require('lib');
lib.yourUsername.hostStatus({name: 'Dolores Abernathy'}, (err, result) => {

  // handle result


Promise Style

const lib = require('lib');
lib.yourUsername.hostStatus({name: 'Dolores Abernathy'})
  .then(result => /* handle result */)
  .catch(err => /* handle error */);

To explore the Autocode standard library, visit To build a web service or standard library API, sign up on


To install locally in a project, use;

$ npm install lib --save


const lib = require('lib');

// [1]: Call "utils.greet" function, the latest version, from Autocode
let message = await lib.utils.greet({name: 'Lionel Hutz'});

// [2]: Call "utils.greet" function with "dev" environment
let message = await lib.utils.greet['@dev']({name: 'Lionel Hutz'});

// [3]: Call "utils.greet" function with "release" environment
//      This is equivalent to (1)
let message = await lib.utils.greet['@release']({name: 'Lionel Hutz'});

// [4]: Call "utils.greet" function with specific version
//      if latest version, this is equivalent to (1)
let message = await lib.utils.greet['@0.0.1']({name: 'Lionel Hutz'});

// [5]: Call another endpoint within the "utils.greet" service
let message = await lib.utils.greet['@dev'].otherEndpoint();

// You can compose calls dynamically as well by using a string key
await lib['utils.greet']({name: 'Lionel Hutz'});
await lib['utils.greet[@dev]']({name: 'Lionel Hutz'});
await lib['utils.greet[@release]']({name: 'Lionel Hutz'});
await lib['utils.greet[@0.0.1]']({name: 'Lionel Hutz'});
await lib['utils.greet.otherEndpoint']({name: 'Lionel Hutz'});
await lib['utils.greet[@dev].otherEndpoint']({name: 'Lionel Hutz'});
await lib['utils.greet[@release].otherEndpoint']({name: 'Lionel Hutz'});
await lib['utils.greet[@0.0.1].otherEndpoint']({name: 'Lionel Hutz'});

Additional Information

To learn more about Autocode, visit or read the Autocode CLI documentation on GitHub.

You can follow the development team on Twitter, @AutocodeHQ

Autocode is © 2016 - 2021 Polybit Inc.

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