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    LFO JS

    This project is a little and simple JavaScript library that will implement LFOs in JavaScript.

    What is an LFO

    LFO stands for Low Frequency Oscillator. It's basically just a device which oscillates between two values on a certain frequency and following a given waveform.

    Note: In this library, there is no limitation concerning the frequency, but it can behave strangely at a high frequency

    How to use it


    First of all, include the LFO script before your other scripts.

    <script src="LFO.js"></script>

    To create an LFO, you just have to create a new instace of LFO :

    var my_lfo = new LFO ();

    The LFO function take an object as argument, containing these parameters :

    • freq : the frequency of the oscillator
    • amplitude : the amplitude of the oscillator
    • waveform : the custom waveform function. This function take a number between 0 and 2PI as argument and must return a number between 0 and 1.

    Example :

    var my_lfo = new LFO ({
        freq: 1.3,
        amplitude: 2,
        waveform: function (x) {
            if (<= Math.PI) {
                return -1;
            } else {
                return 1;
        //Same as :
        //waveform: "square"

    This code will create a new LFO with a frequency of 1.3Hz, an amplitude of 2 and which will produce a square signal.

    Note: Every parameter is optional

    Waveform functions

    There are some waveform functions that are preset in the library : sine (default value), triangle, square, sawtooth and noise.

    Getting the current value

    To retrieve the current value of an LFO, just use the value function :

    var v = my_lfo.value();

    Changing parameters

    To change parameters of an LFO, use the set function which takes the same argument as the constructor of the class :

        freq: 0.7


    • Clean up the code
    • Make an ES6 module (that's going to be fun)


    npm i lfo-for-modv

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