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Deploy your ./dist/ directory to the Livefyre CDN.

It will read from the name and version in your package.json

You will need to set the following environment variables

export LF_CDN_S3_KEY='...'
export LF_CDN_S3_SECRET='...'

Install with npm.

npm install -g git+ssh://

Note the -g. It will add lfcdn to your PATH.

lfcdn -h

Usage: lfcdn -e {dev|qa|staging|prod} -c [/path/to/config.json] [--reporter (url|none)]

--reporter urls will print URLs to stdout for each file

lfcdn -c [/path/to/config.json]

Load config from a JSON config file. Supported config options:

  • dir - S3 key to deploy files to. Defaults to a path derrived from the name in package.json

lfcdn -e {dev|qa|staging|prod}

Environment to deploy to. Defaults to dev.

livefyre-cdn-dev: deploying streamhub-sdk
[gulp] [cache]  libs/streamhub-sdk/2.7.5/streamhub-sdk.min.css
[gulp] [cache]  libs/streamhub-sdk/2.7.5/streamhub-sdk.min.js
[gulp] [cache]  libs/streamhub-sdk/2.7.5/

lfcdn -f

By default lfcdn will not update published files. One can, however, overwrite published files with the force option.