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    LEXXI 0.3.2


    LEXXI is an abstraction layer (toolkit? framework? boilerplate?) for quickly developing internet projects with a relatively standard express stack. It ties together the technologies you would likely choose for a web application and then gets out of your way so you can make things happen.

    Included by default:

    LEXXI also introduces boilerplate, lightweight*(-ish)* build scripts, and a flexible application structure that can be organized in a variety of ways.

    Read the full documentation here:

    Quick Start Guide

    Make a directory for your new project and enter it:

    mkdir cool-new-project && cd $_

    Install LEXXI:

    npm install lexxi

    Initialize your application by copying the boilerplate:

    cp -R node_modules/lexxi/boilerplate/. . && mv .npmignore .gitignore

    Install all the modules:

    npm install

    Install the client dependencies if you want (optional, but helpful in many cases):

    bower install

    This series of incantations will produce a reasonably-assembled express app that uses gulp to handle various tedious parts of the development process. Take a look at the tree structure and it will seem pretty obvious where all your application code lives.

    At this point, everything should be good to go...let's fire it up:

    gulp dev

    You can now point your favorite internet browser to http://localhost:3001, where, if all went well, you'll see our friend (っ◕‿◕)っ reaching out for love in a world of darkness ♥


    npm i lexxi

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