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Python and Javascript libraries packaged together here; mostly they are translations of each other, if both exist (as with LIWC, for example).


  • and liwc.js require /usr/local/data/liwc_2007.trie
    • MD5: bca2eeec79701ed88c40f8c9c75e5f7c
  • liwc-regex.js requires /usr/local/data/liwc_2007.csv
    • MD5: 686df57d28941cf797704bd2d4f9a1a3

You can get the LIWC lexicon at

You can use dic2trie to convert the .dic file that the LIWC lexicon comes with to a trie, for faster (streaming) analysis.


  • requires /usr/local/data/arabsenti_lexicon.txt
    • MD5: 0ed1192e4b6f10a29b353b3056ec179d

You can get the Arabsenti lexicon from Muhammad Abdul-Mageed.

Citation form:

  title={Subjectivity and sentiment analysis of modern standard Arabic},
  author={Abdul-Mageed, M. and Diab, M.T. and Korayem, M.},
  booktitle={Proceedings of the 49th Annual Meeting of the Association for
  Computational Linguistics: Human Language Technologies: short papers-Volume 2},
  organization={Association for Computational Linguistics}

It requires Python 2.7+.


This is publicly available at Finn Årup Nielsen's blog, so I just left it in the code.


python install
npm install
npm link


Add the following to your build.sbt:

resolvers ++= Seq("" at "")
libraryDependencies ++= Seq("com.codahale" % "jerkson_2.9.1" % "0.5.0")

Pull the scala/lexicons.scala file into your codebase, and run something like:

val document = "Pierre Venken is my hero, every day I draw inspiration ..."
val tokens = document.toLowerCase.replaceAll("\\W", " ").split("\\s+")
val counts = com.henrian.Liwc(tokens)
val normalized_counts = counts.mapValues(_ / counts("WC"))