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Javascript implementation of the L-diggity.


Levenshtein string difference in Javascript.

Levenshtein also does some neat things like coerce to a number and string approproately. So you can compare Levenshtein objects directly! Not to mention it has specs!

  • new Levenshtein( m, n )Levenshtein

    • m ( String ): First string.
    • n ( String ): Second string.
    • Initialise a new Levenshtein object.
  • Levenshtein#distanceNumber

    • Distance between strings.
  • Levenshtein#inspect()String

    • Pretty print Levenshtein table.
  • Levenshtein#toString()String

    • Alias of: Levenshtein#inspect().
  • Levenshtein#valueOf()Number

    • Alias of: Levenshtein#distance.

Levenshtein works in both the browser and node.js.

Simply include levenshtein.js:

<script src="/javascripts/levenshtein.js"></script>

Install via npm:

npm install levenshtein

Or put it in your package.json:

{ "levenshtein": "~1.0" }
bower install levenshtein
git clone git://

Levenshtein is UNLICENSED.

Written by Gianni