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Level Me Up Scotty!

An intro to Node.js databases via a set of self-guided workshops.


Level Me Up Scotty!

  1. Run [sudo] npm install levelmeup -g
  2. Run levelmeup
  3. .. profit!

levelmeup will run through a series of Node.js databases workshops. Starting with the basic operations of LevelUP and moving on to more advanced exercises.


levelmeup is proudly brought to you by the following Node.js database hackers:

<Your name here>

Rod VaggGitHub/rvaggTwitter/@rvagg
Eugene WareGitHub/eugenewareTwitter/@eugeneware
James HallidayGitHub/substackTwitter/@substack
Jake VerbatenGitHub/raynosTwitter/@raynos
Julian GruberGitHub/juliangruberTwitter/@juliangruber
Robert KowalskiGitHub/robertkowalskiTwitter/@robinson_k
Lars-Magnus SkogGitHub/ralphtheninja

levelmeup builds on the workshopper framework which is also used by learnyounode (Learn You Node.js For Much Win), a basic introduction to Node.js workshop application.


levelmeup is Copyright (c) 2013-2015 Rod Vagg @rvagg and licenced under the MIT licence. All rights not explicitly granted in the MIT license are reserved. See the included file for more details.

levelmeup builds on the excellent work by @substack and @maxogden who created stream-adventure which serves as the original foundation for levelmeup.