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client side library for moving data over a level-socket



client side library for authenticating with and moving data over a level-socket (authenticated binary websocket)

npm install level-user
var user = require('level-user')({ dbName: 'blocks', baseURL: "http://localhost:8080" })

baseURL is where level-socket is running, dbName is the name of the level-js db data should be stored in

user has .db and .persona

checks the users session state with the server, returns {"loggedOut": "true"} or the users profile object

returns a multilevel sublevel instance hooked up over a binary websocket to the level-socket backend.

pipes all data from from into to, overwriting any existing records in to.

example usage:

var user = require('level-user')({dbName: 'blocks', baseURL: "http://localhost:8080" })
var local = user.db.sublevel('foo')
var remote = user.remote('foo')
user.copy(remote, local, function(err) {

TODO more docs