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this is a test case for

git clone && npm install && npm test


when you bind level-hooks and specify a sublevel as prefix.

var subdb = db.sublevel('s');
  if(ch.type == "put") add({type:"put",key:ch.key,value:ch.value,prefix:subdb});

if you use level-live-stream on a section of the database that overlaps that sublevel's range.

var livestream = require('level-live-stream');
var ls = livestream.install(db);
  if(change.prefix) console.log(change.prefix === subdb, ' im broken');

using multilevel. when trying to serialize the sublevel object to send to a client we blow the stack.

it may not be the expected behavior for the prefix key to bubble out of level-hooks its certainly not the expected behavior for it to be sent from pull-level its never the expected behavior for this to be emitted as data from level-live-stream