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Garbage Collection for leveldb (levelup).


david-dm david-dm

Scan through your level instance and cull records based on custom logic.

var util = require("util")
var level = require("level")
var db = level("/tmp/mydb")
var lts = level("/tmp/long-term-storage")
var gc = require("level-gc")
// Create a GC filter to delete all records starting with 'temp' 
var re = /^temp/
var scanner = gc(db, function (record) {
  // Return `true` for records you want removed. 
  return re.exec(record.key)
}, lts) (err, start, end, scanned, culled) {
  /* ... */
scanner.on("finish", function (start, end, scanned, culled) { /* ... */ })


gc(db, filterFn [, lts])

  • db: A levelup-compatible instance. (e.g. levelup or any compliant wrapper such as level-sublevel or level-version)
  • filterFn: A function that accepts a levelup record and returns true for anything to be removed by the gc process. filterFn({key: key, value: value, ...})
  • (optional) lts: A long-term storage instance of the same type as the original db.

Returns an object that will let you trigger Garbage Collection runs.

If you provide the optional lts long term storage instance, as records are deleted they will be put into the lts instance.

Each run your function will be turned into a stream.Transform instance via through2-filter so you can stuff onto this and it will be available for each record in a single gc run for more complex filters.


Execute the gc scan. Callback is callback(err, start, end, scanned, culled).


  • finish: function (start, end, scanned, culled)