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Save binary blobs in level and stream then back


Save binary blobs in level and stream then back. Similar to level-store but streams2 and with support for random access writes and reads

npm install level-blobs

var blobs = require('level-blobs');
var level = require('level');
var db = level('/tmp/my-blobs-db');
var bl = blobs(db);
// create a write stream 
var ws = blobs.createWriteStream('my-file.txt');
ws.on('finish', function() {
// lets read the blob and pipe it to stdout 
var rs = blobs.createReadStream('my-file.txt');
ws.write('hello ');

Create a new blobs instance. Options default to

blockSize: 65536, // byte size for each block of data stored 
batch: 100        // batch at max 100 blocks when writing 

Create a read stream for name. Options default to

start: 0       // start reading from this byte offset 
end: Infinity  // end at end-of-file or this offset (inclusive) 

Create a write stream to name. Options default to

start: 0       // start writing at this offset 
               // if append === true start defaults to end-of-file 
append: false  // set to true if you want to append to the file 
               // if not true the file will be truncated before writing 

Create a read stream and buffer the stream into a single buffer that is passed to the callback. Options are passed to createReadStream.

Write data to name and call the callback when done. Options are passed to createWriteStream.

Remove name from the blob store