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Auto increment key table for node-levelup, leveldb.

Auto incrementing keys.
Read, write, delete fields in a record individually.
Read, write, delete records.

var db = require('levelup')('./mydb')

You must call initAutoKeys before using the database.


You can call this from inside a request handler. Initialization is done the first time round. On subsequent calls it will just call next.

app.use(function(req, res, next) {
    db.initAutoKeys(function() {next()})

Get a new key. The key is a string with integer value starting from 1. Use parseInt to do math on the key. Will throw an error if callback is not a function.

var key
db.newAutoKey(function(err, newKey) {
    key = newKey

Handle fields individually.
Put a field

db.putField(key, "name", "John", options, callback)
db.putField(key, "email", "", options, callback)

The fieldname must be a valid javascript var name. ie only word chars _ and $ allowed. Will throw an error otherwise!

Get a field.

db.getField(key, fieldname, options, callback)

Delete a field.

db.delField(key, fieldname, options, callback)

Get a record.

db.getRecord(key, function(err, value) {
    console.log(value) // {name: "John", email: ""}

Put a record.

db.putRecord(key, {name: "John", email: ""}, function(err) {

Delete a record.

db.delRecord(key, function(err) {