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This module allows you to work offline in the browser using indexdb (+ shim for websql when indexdb not available).

You get a sync method in browserified client to write to the server. The server gets a sync method that returns a readstream of the changelog after the given timestamp.


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Example client

var levelup = require('levelup');
var leveljs = require('level-js');
var airplanedb = require('level-airplanedb');
var db = levelup('test', {db: leveljs});
db = airplanedb(db);
// sync range 
// any keys in local changelog will be written to the server 
// any keys from remotedb will be synced to client 
db.sync({start: ..., end: ...}, remotedb, cb);
// changes to local db will be written to changelog removed when synced. 

Example server

var levelup = require('levelup');
var leveldown = require('leveldown');
var airplanedb = require('level-airplanedb');
var db = levelup('test', {db: leveldown});
db = airplanedb(db);
db.sync(from, range) // readstream of changelog >= from 


In the spirit of offline first I wanted a working offline storage, giving me the choice when to sync saving battery usage.

level-sublevel is used to persist the changelog both on client and server.

See test/simple.js for a client server example using :-

multilevel - leveldb over network

level-js - leveldown api in the browser


This is a work in progress, conflicts are not handled at all! The client's changelog is what is written to the server.

Updating keys in the same range as a running sync is not supported, doing this will incur loss of data.


With npm do:

npm install level-airplanedb


npm test