Watch and compile less codes.

Lessr - less watcher and compiler.

Lessr provides an API for watching and compiling less files to css files.

You can install it via npm install lessr and simply use it by require('lessr').watch(src, opts). Available options are:

  • output Specify base path for saving the generated css files. If not given, css file will be sitting next to corresponding less file.

  • compress Set to true if you want to compress the css codes (doesn't mean combined).

A full example would be like:

var lessr = require('lessr');

lessr.watch("/path/to/less", {
    output: "/path/to/css",
    compress: true

console.log("start watching and compiling less files...");
  • Add option for "force-recompiling given less files if any files under watching are changed". So it's possible to recompile the importer if any importee is changed.