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A simple timer based less file watcher,updates your css files accordingly;


	 ```npm install less-touch -g ```

How To:

## CommandLine: Just create a empty file called build_less or buildless or build-less in your projects root directory with a corresponding json object map like below, the keys must be in lowercase as below:

		"less" : "./assets/less",
		"css" : "./assets/css",

		"timeout" : 3000
Save,navigate to your projects roots and run **"less-touch"** in your terminal!

## As a library: Simple require the less file after installation with NPM or after copying the less-touch.js,nodelib.js files from the "/lib" folder into your project ,require them into your projects as follows

```var fs = require('fs'),
path = require('path'),
less = require('less'),
nodelib = require("./nodelib"),
less_touch = require("./less-touch").LessTouch(fs,path,less,nodelib);

settings =  {"less" : "path to your less files", 
	"css" : "path to save css files to", 
	"timeout" : "desired time out in milliseconds" 

eg settings = { "less" : "./assets/less",  
	"css" : "./assets/css",
	"timeout" : 3000 };```

Then simple call the init function of the less-touch library.