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Less Fabricator

fabricate - to make by assembling parts or sections.

Less Fabricator is a tool for creating modular website toolkits in Less and not Sass - think "Tiny Bootstraps, for Every Client"

Based on fabricator by Luke Askew


Getting started

For the sake of your Node project management we recommend you use NVM. Node Version Manager

Install gulp

npm install --global gulp

Install all dependencies

npm install

gulp commands

Build entire project

npm install && gulp

Styleguide development (watch)

Launch local development server, watching for css and styleguide changes

gulp --dev


Check out the wiki.


Created by Luke Askew.

Less Integration by Mauricio Palma

Logo by Tim Vonderloh.

Icons borrowed from SteadySets and Font Awesome.

Code syntax highlighting by Prism.


Copyright (c) 2014 Resource LLC