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Simple pass-through stream (RW) which accumulates the length of the stream. (streams2)

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npm install length-stream


Provide a lengthListener function when you construct the stream, it will be called with the resultant length of the stream just prior to end being emitted.

  • lengthStream([options], lengthListener) - constructs a new stream instance, lengthListener will be called prior to the end event being emitted
  • options - optional stream options
  • lengthListener function signature is fn(resultantLength)
var lengthStream = require('length-stream');
var resultLength;
function lengthListener(length) {
  resultLength = length;
var lstream = lengthStream(lengthListener); // create instance, lengthListener will get length 
  .pipe(lstream) // length calculated as it passes through 


  • Easy to use pass-through stream which calculates the length of the string or Buffer stream
  • Builds on pass-stream to have all the normal pass-through functionality for a spec compliant stream
  • works with node 0.10+ streams2 but is also compatible with 0.8


I find that when I am accumulating stream data, that I often need the resultant length, so rather than write the code over and over again to do that, this simple stream can be piped through and it will provide the resultant length when the stream ends by calling

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