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length–Time lengths for humans Build Status

Time Types

Milliseconds Unit
31560000 y, year, years
2629740 mo, month, months
86400 d, day, days
3600 h, hour, hours
60 m, minute, minutes
1 s, sec, second, seconds
0.001 ms, millisecond, milliseconds
0.000001 us, microsecond, microseconds


Tested to work against Internet Explorer 6+, Safari 3+, Google Chrome 1+, Firefox 3+, and Opera 10+!

Development Version (0.0.1) — 1.4 KiB, uncompressed with comments.

Production Version (0.0.1) — 424 bytes, minified and gzipped.

var num = length(number, [to])

Parameter: number

  • number — This may either be a string, or a number. If it's a string with no type, it's assumed to be in the to format.
  • Optional to — The format to interval to return, defaults to 'ms'.
length('0.5s') === 500;
length('1h', 's') === 3600;
length(10, 's') === 10;
length('2 days', 'h') === 48;