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    Всегда ненавидела эту суку!

    A Telegram bot who saves messages from group chats and sends them binding to triggers.


    /on <text> – create a trigger on text
    /off <number> – delete the trigger by number
    /onjoin – create a trigger on someone joins the chat
    /onleft – create a trigger on someone lefts the chat
    /list – get all active triggers
    /trigger <number> – invoke active trigger by number forcibly
    /settings – configure the chat
    /edit <number> – configure the trigger by number

    Supported message types

    • 📃 text
    • 📹 animation
    • 🎧 audio
    • 🎲 dice
    • 🏷️ document
    • 🌐 location
    • 🖼️ photo
    • 📊 poll (not quiz)
    • 😽 sticker
    • 🎬 video
    • 🎥 videonote
    • 🎤 voice


    1. Create and setup a bot via @BotFather
    2. Install PostgreSQL if you didnt
    3. Create an empty database 'lena' in PSQL owned to your user
    4. Install npm & node.js
    5. npm i lenabot
    7. npx lenabot
    8. Add your bot to a group chat and add triggers with commands above replying the messages to be resend
    9. To stop the bot type to console with it stop and press enter


    1. Create your bot via @BotFather, it will guide you on that
    2. The bot uses DBMS PostgreSQL. Install if you dont have it
    3. Create a database in PSQL for you bot
    4. The bot works using node.js. Install it


    npm i lenabot


    The bot requires some environment variables. Here is a list of them:
    TOKEN – bot token from @BotFather
    DBURI – URI-string for connection to PSQL in format postgres://<USER>:<PASSWORD>@<HOST>/<DATABASE>:<PORT>

    Instead of the environment you can set launch parameters in a file config.toml.

    After setup the environment run

    npx lenabot

    If everything went well, you will see something like this in the console:

    > lenabot@1.2.0 start
    > node index.js
    Bot @eslenabot started.
    > _


    After the launch, there are available commands stop & reload for safe stop and restart respectively.


    1. Send the message with one of the supported type
    2. Reply to it with a command /on + the string on which you wanted to set the trigger (e.g. /on !rules)
    3. If success, bot will answer that the trigger has been added, as well as offer to edit it by an inline button
    4. Now, when a new message containing that string, bot will send a message that duplicates the one you replied to with the /on command
    5. To trigger when someone enters/leaves the chat, send a command /onjoin / /onleft without parameters replying to the message
    6. If the message is text or includes caption, it can contain some patterns that replaced with the corresponding values:
      • {chat} – title of the chat
      • {chatid} – Telegram ID of the chat
      • {chatname} – username of the chat, if there is
      • {name} – first name of the triggering message sender
      • {fullname} – first name and last name of the sender
      • {mention} – first name of the sender linked to them
      • {username} – username of the sender if there is (without @)
      • {user} – username with @ or linked first name to the sender
      • {userid} – Telegram ID of the sender
      • {date} – localized current date without time
      • {time} – localized current time
      • {datetime} – localized current date with time
      • {message} – text of the triggering message
      • {messid} – ID of the triggering message

    screenshot of usage


    If something doesnt work, or you just wanna talk to the bot creator or his mom, write @arelive. There also accepted kicks from volunteer project managers.


    npm i lenabot

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