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LEFTOVERS AGAIN: A Pokemon AI Battle Arena

Live server running here: http://cyberdyne.psim.us

'Getting Started' guide here. Full code documentation here.

This is the official repository for an ongoing AI competition for Pokemon battles.

Coding your own Pokemon AI bot doesn't have to be a major, time-consuming project. You can have your own bot up and running with <100 lines of code!

1997: Deep Blue defeats Kasparov at chess. 2016: AlphaGo annihilates the world's greatest Go players. 20XX: AI overtakes human players at the greatest game of all, Pokemon.

Designed with Simplicity and Accessibility in Mind

Many developers have worked on AI bots before, in multiple languages, always having to start from the beginning - figuring out the Showdown protocol, importing relevant data, translating teams from human-readable text to code.

That work is already done for you.

You can have a working bot up and running in minutes. Read the Getting Started guide to see how easy it is.


generating your first bot

run bot

running your first match

Get Useful Feedback. Quickly Iterate on Your Design.

Have an idea for a new strategy? Want to tweak your team ideas?

Before AI, to test a new team, you'd have to use your team for hours just to get a feel for how it performs. Now, you can get 100 matches of feedback in MINUTES. Use data, not feelings!

With one quick script, you can see how your bot fares against any number of opponent bots. Is your bot weak to Steel types? Special attacks? Stall teams? Trick Rooms? You'll know your bot's weaknesses and can improve your design as such.

Love playing Pokemon but suck at programming?

Writing a Pokemon bot is a small, low-risk project where you can create something rewarding without a huge time investment. You don't have to create the next 'Deep Blue'!

Already In Use In Classrooms

This software has been used for college-level game AI courses, where classes have run tournaments using students' submissions.

Write in Any Language You Want

This project is mainly coded in Javascrpt / ES6, which I recommend for its ease of use. However, you can write code in any language you want.

Languages currently supported:

  • jk nothing else yet

Example Usage

Install everything (Windows, Mac, Linux)

First, make sure you have installed node and npm.

node -v
# 6.0.0 or greater plz! 
# inside your bot's directory 
npm install leftovers-again
# run generator script 
node node_modules/leftovers-again/src/scripts/generate.js
# afterwards, your bot is ready to go 
npm run server                          # in a separate window 
npm install
npm start -- --opponent=randumb

Run a randombattle between two bots:

npm run server                          # in a separate window 
npm start -- stabby --opponent=randumb

Play against your bot, via your web browser

npm run server                          # in a separate window 
npm start
# browse to: http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/?~~localhost:8000 

Launch your bot on Cyberdyne

npm start -- --production
# browse to: http://cyberdyne.psim.us/ 

FAQ/Getting started guide here.

Code documentation here.

Contribution guide here.

Changelog here.



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