REST web service API to access ledger cli data.


REST web service API to access the Ledger command-line interface (ledger-cli.org).

Ledger is a powerful, double-entry accounting system that is accessed from the UNIX command-line.

The simplest way to install Ledger 3 is through Homebrew.

brew install ledger --HEAD

The --HEAD option is required to install version 3.x.

Install ledger-rest and its dependencies with npm.

npm install ledger-rest

Use the LedgerRest class to create a new RESTful server and start listening on a given port.

var LedgerRest = require('ledger-rest').LedgerRest;

var server = new LedgerRest({ file: 'path/to/ledger/journal/file.dat' });


Or use the command line runner to start a server listening on the given port and serving a single Ledger .dat file.

npm install ledger-rest -g

ledger-rest -p <port> -f path/to/ledger/journal/file.dat