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Find the geoip information for an IP address, do so using a list of geoip reporters that is weighted over time.


Get the Country Code for your IP address

    var getGeoIP = require('ledger-geoip').getGeoIP

    getGeoIP(function (err, provider, result) {
      if (err) return console.log((provider ? (provider.name + ': ') : '') + err.toString())

      console.log('provider=' + provider.name + ' satoshis=' + result)

This method works by using a modified round-robin algorithm with a simple scoring system:

  • each time that getGeoIP is called, it shuffles the list of providers and then orders them according to each provider's score

  • each provider is tried in order and the first (successful) result is returned

  • if the attempt is successful, then the provider's score is set to a number between -250 and 5000 that corresponds to the number of milli-seconds it to took to round-trip and process the request

  • if the attempt fails, then the provider score is set to one of:

    • on DNS (or other network) error: -350;

    • on timeout: -500;

    • HTTP error: -750; or,

    • on internal error: -1001 (thereby disqualifying the provider from further consideration)

Add to the list of Providers

Each of these properties is mandatory:

    require('ledger-geoip').providers.push({ name     : 'commonly-known name of provider'
                                           , site     : 'https://example.com/'
                                           , server   : 'https://api.example.com'
                                           , path     : '"/v1/address" + address'
                                           , addressP : true
                                           , textP    : false
                                           , iso3166  : 'body.country_code'

The default value for the method is "GET"; (or "POST" if the value for the payload property is present).

Both the mandatory path property and the optional payload property are evaluated with this context:

    { address: '...' }

where address is either the first argument to the getGeoIP function, or is determined by calling whatIsMyIP. The context is initialize only if the optional addressP property is set to true.

The mandatory iso3166 property is evaluated with this context:

    { body: JSON.parse(HTTP_response_body) }


    { lines: HTTP_response_body.split('\n') }

depending on whether the optional textP property is present and set to true.


All of the GeoIP reporters in this package are available using public APIs without any API key.

If you want to have your GeoIP reporter added to the package, please send an email to Brave Software.

If you want to have your GeoIP reporter removed from the package, also send an email.





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