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A Node.js software to learn your lesson. This software is avalaible in English and French.

Build Status NPM version

You have to install mongodb to use new versions of Learn Memory.
If you want to use Learn Memory without mongodb, you have to do npm install learn-memory@0.4.0 -g


$ npm install learn-memory -g
$ learn


$ git clone --depth=1
$ cd ./learn-memory
$ npm install --production
$ npm start --production


--production               launch in production mode

--port [number]            specified the port


  • lessons: /api/ (⇒ you can specify if you want 'attachments', 'createdAt', and 'content' field)
  • version: /api/version (to get current version and npm version)
  • registrants: /api/registrants (to validate new users)
  • users: /api/users
  • attachments: /api/attachments

Other software to use with

Access to server

There are two solutions to get lessons on this application:

  • redirect port 7772 on your server and get your global ip
  • be on the same wifi as your server and get its local ip

Import a lesson save in database

$ mongoimport --db sails --collection lessons --file save.json --jsonArray


There are two npm commands with which you can compile javascript:

  • npm run dev: reload page on change and build bundle
  • npm run prod: build and uglify bundle