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LeanKit Events for Node.js

The LeanKit Events for Node.js provides an easy-to-use set of functions designed to simplify the integration of external systems and utilities with your LeanKit account. This module is for subscribing to events, such as when cards are created, moved, assigned, and so forth.

To access specific LeanKit APIs from Node.js, see the LeanKit Node.js Client.


Installing the client

npm install leankit-events

Subscribe to events

The LeanKit Client includes a module for monitoring a board for events, such as when cards are created, moved, assigned, and so forth.

Events usage

const LeanKitEvents = require( "leankit-events" );
const events = new LeanKitEvents( auth, boardId [, version] [, pollInterval] [, resumeAfterError] );
events.on( "event-name", function( e ) {
    // Do something with the event
} );

Constructor options

Parameter Description
auth A JavaScript object with account, email, and password properties. An additional options property may be used for proxy support. See proxy section below.
boardId The ID of the LeanKit Board to subscribe to.
version Optional Board version number. If events have occurred since the given version, those will be returned immediately.
pollInterval Optional polling interval in seconds. The default is 30 seconds.
resumeAfterError Optional handling of errors. If an error occurs with resumeAfterError = false the client will stop polling for changes. The default is true.


const LeanKitEvents = require( "leankit-events" );
const auth = { account: "account-name", email: "your@email.com", password: "your-p@ssw0rd" };
const boardId = 445566789; // The board ID to subscribe to
const events = new LeanKitEvents( auth, boardId );
events.on( "card-creation", function( e ) {
    console.log( e );
} );

Sample output when a card is added to the subscribed board:

{ cardId: 123456789,
  eventType: 'card-creation',
  eventDateTime: '11/06/2015 03:38:05 PM',
  message: 'David Neal created the Card [Sample Card 1] within Lane [ToDo].',
  toLaneId: 456789123,
  fromLaneId: null,
  requiresBoardRefresh: false,
  isBlocked: false,
  blockedComment: null,
  userId: 62984826,
  assignedUserId: 0,
  isUnassigning: false,
  commentText: null,
  wipOverrideComment: null,
  wipOverrideLane: 0,
  wipOverrideUser: 0,
  taskboardParentCardId: 0,
  taskboardId: 0,
  boardVersion: 2 }

Card events

Event Description
card-creation Occurs when a new card is added to a board.
card-move Occurs when a card is moved on the board.
card-fields-changed Occurs when a card's fields are modified (e.g. Title, Description, and so forth)
comment-post Occurs when a user posts a comment on a card.
user-assignment Occurs when users are assigned or unassigned from a card. Check the isUnassigning property to know whether the user is being assigned or unassigned.
attachment-change Occurs when an attachment is added to a card.
card-blocked Occurs when a card is blocked or unblocked. Check the isBlocked property to know whether the card was blocked or unblocked.
card-move-from-board Occurs when a card is moved from the board being monitored to another board.
card-move-to-board Occurs when a card is moved from another board to the board being monitored.
card-deleted Occurs when a card is deleted.

Board events

Event Description
board-edit Occurs when the board layout/structure is modified.
activity-types-changed Occurs when custom icons are modified.
board-card-types-changed Occurs when card types for the board are modified.

Proxy support

To use the LeanKit Events behind a proxy server, include an options object in the authentication argument that includes the proxy server. For example:

const LeanKitEvents = require( "leankit-events" );
const auth = {
    account: "account-name",
    email: "your@email.com",
    password: "your-p@ssw0rd",
    options: {
        proxy: "http://localproxy.com"

const events = new LeanKitEvents( auth, 123456789 );

This options object is the same object used by the request module.


Visit support.leankit.com.


The LeanKit Events module is licensed under MIT. Refer to the license for more information.

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