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Plugin for Leaflet that will make you markers bounce!

It provides smooth, lightweight and customizable animation of marker bouncing. Allows the bouncing of multiple markers on the map, without loss of performance.

Older browsers

Starting from version v3.0.0, plugin is based on CSS3 keyframes to make animation. If you need support older browsers, it will be better to stick to v2.0.x.


Check out the demo.


Add Javascript file on your page:

<script type="text/javascript"

Or install it as npm module:

npm install leaflet.smooth_marker_bouncing

Plugin provides additional methods to Marker:

/* Methods of L.Marker class */
L.Marker.setBouncingOptions({..}); // sets options of bouncing of all markers
L.Marker.getBouncingMarkers();     // gets all bouncing markers
L.Marker.stopAllBouncingMarkers(); // asks all markers to stop bouncing

/* Methods of marker instances */
const marker = L.marker([lat, lng]);
marker.setBouncingOptions({..});   // sets options of bouncing for this marker
marker.isBouncing();               // checks if marker is bouncing
marker.bounce();                   // starts the bouncing
marker.bounce(n);                  // makes marker bounce "n" times
marker.stopBouncing();             // stops bouncing of the marker
marker.toggleBouncing();           // starts/stops bouncing of the marker

Plugin respects fluent API. All marker instance methods (except isBouncing) return the marker object.
Some usage examples:

/* Create a marker and make it bounce immediately */
const marker = L.marker([lat, lng]).addTo(map).bounce();

/* Create a marker and make it bounce 2 times when clicked.
 * Do something when the bouncing is stopped, like open a popup.
const marker = L.marker([lat, lng])
    .on('click', function() {
        this.bounce(2) // bounce 2 times
        .on('bounceend',function() {
            console.log('bounce end');

/* Create a marker and set its bouncing options.
 * Bouncing can be started/stopped by the click on the marker.
const marker = L.marker([lat, lng])
        bounceHeight : 60,    // height of the bouncing
        bounceSpeed  : 54,    // bouncing speed coefficient
        exclusive    : true,  // if this marker is bouncing all others must stop
    .on('click', function() {

/* Define options of bouncing for all markers */
        bounceHeight : 60,   // height of the bouncing
        bounceSpeed  : 54,   // bouncing speed coefficient

/* Create 10 markers and each of them will bounce 3 times when clicked */
for (let i = 0; i < 10; i++) {
    const marker = L.marker([lat, lng])
        .on('click', function() {
            this.bounce(3); // bounce 3 times

Options of bouncing

You can easily customize bouncing animation supplying options in method setBouncingOptions. This method available on the marker class L.Marker and on each of marker instances.
It's highly recommended define options for all markers via L.Marker.setBouncingOptions instead of define them on each marker individually. The animation performance highly increases when all markers have the same options.
Method setBouncingOptions accepts an object with options as parameters. Animation can be customized with following properties:

  • bounceHeight - how high marker will bounce (px), default: 15
  • contractHeight - how much marker will contract when it touches the ground (px), default: 12
  • bounceSpeed - bouncing speed coefficient, value used to calculate the speed of bounce animation, more it becomes high, more animation becomes slow, default: 52
  • contractSpeed - contracting speed coefficient, default: 52
  • shadowAngle - shadow inclination angle, if set to null shadow animation disabled (radians), default: -𝜋÷4
  • elastic - activate contract animation when marker touches the ground, default: true
  • exclusive - when it's true, stops the bouncing of other markers when this one starts to bounce. If another marker start to bounce after, this marker stops. default: false


Event Description
bounceend Fired when the animation is done

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