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3.2.12 • Public • Published

Leaflet Routing Machine NPM version Leaflet 1.0 compatible! Join the chat at https://gitter.im/leaflet-routing-machine/Lobby

Find the way from A to B on a Leaflet map. The plugin supports multiple backends:


  • Standard Leaflet control, with Leaflet look and feel
  • Routing from start to destination, with possibility of via points
  • Add, edit and remove waypoints through both address input and using the map
  • Multiple language support
  • Highly customizable for advanced use
  • Customizable look (theming / skins)
  • Open Source released under ISC License (more or less equivalent with the MIT license)

Go to the Leaflet Routing Machine site for more information, demos, tutorials and more.

Support and New Features

Leaflet Routing Machine is in many ways already a feature complete routing UI. Most likely, your requirements are already covered and require very little adaptation.

If you have more complex requirements, need new features or just need some support, I am open to doing paid custom work and support around Leaflet Routing Machine for your organization. Contact me at per@liedman.net and we'll sort this out!

For questions and discussions, you might want to look at the Leaflet Routing Machine gitter.


npm install

This requires Node and npm, as well as grunt.


npm i leaflet-routing-machine

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