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    This package has been deprecated

    Author message:

    **OUT-DATED PACKAGE SINCE 2013** Use leaflet.markercluster (with a dot) npm package instead

    WARNING: Deprecated package

    Use the official Leaflet.markercluster (with a dot) package instead

    It is published and maintained by danzel, the original author of Leaflet.markercluster plugin.

    $ npm uninstall leaflet-markercluster --save
    # The closest version is 0.3.0:
    $ npm install leaflet.markercluster@0.3.0 --save


    This "unofficial" package has been published by an unknown soul back in 2013.

    It has never been updated since then unfortunately.

    Whereas the corresponding repository on GitHub has gone through many minor and major releases, and an "official" npm package has been published and is still currently maintained.

    This 0.2.2 version is actually the same as the 0.2.0 that had been originally published, but with this modified README. The change of version is only to be able to publish to npm.

    So that users who keep on downloading this leaflet-markercluster (with a dash) package will not suddenly get a broken build, but receive the deprecation notice. And any future visitor of this page will get the information to use the "official" package instead.

    New versions

    Leaflet and Leaflet.markercluster have gone through many minor and major releases since this "unofficial" package has been published.

    You might be interested in trying leaflet@0.7.7 + leaflet.markercluster@0.5.0, or leaflet@1.0.3 + leaflet.markercluster@1.0.4 (latest releases as of time of writing).

    Note about leaflet-engine package

    Exact same story applies for leaflet-engine package.

    It is an "unofficial" package (published by the same unknown soul back in 2013).

    You should use the "official" leaflet npm package instead. It is published and maintained by the main authors of Leaflet.




    npm i leaflet-markercluster

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