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    A LeafletJS plugin for displaying geoTIFF raster data. Data can drawn as colored rasters or directon arrows. The layer can be clipped using a polygon.


    Version 1 Notice

    As of version 1, leaflet-geotiff-2 is now under CSIRO's Open Source Software Licence Agreement, which is a variation of the BSD / MIT License.

    There are no other plans for changes to licensing, and the project will remain open source.


    1. Load modules

    Dependencies must be loaded:

    import "leaflet-geotiff-2";
    // optional renderers
    import "leaflet-geotiff-2/dist/leaflet-geotiff-rgb";
    import "leaflet-geotiff-2/dist/leaflet-geotiff-vector-arrows";
    import "leaflet-geotiff-2/dist/leaflet-geotiff-plotty"; // requires plotty

    2. Add a geoTIFF layer


    // GeoTIFF file URL. Currently only EPSG:4326 files are supported
    // Can be null if sourceFunction is GeoTIFF.fromArrayBuffer
    const url =
    const options = {
      // See renderer sections below.
      // One of: L.LeafletGeotiff.rgb, L.LeafletGeotiff.plotty, L.LeafletGeotiff.vectorArrows
      renderer: null,
      // Use a worker thread for some initial compute (recommended for larger datasets)
      useWorker: false,
      // Optional array specifying the corners of the data, e.g. [[40.712216, -74.22655], [40.773941, -74.12544]].
      // If omitted the image bounds will be read from the geoTIFF file (ModelTiepoint).
      bounds: [],
      // Optional geoTIFF band to read
      band: 0,
      // Optional geoTIFF image to read
      image: 0,
      // Optional clipping polygon, provided as an array of [lat,lon] coordinates.
      // Note that this is the Leaflet [lat,lon] convention, not geoJSON [lon,lat].
      clip: undefined,
      // Optional leaflet pane to add the layer.
      pane: "overlayPane",
      // Optional callback to handle failed URL request or parsing of tif
      onError: null,
      // Optional, override default GeoTIFF function used to load source data
      // Oneof: fromUrl, fromBlob, fromArrayBuffer
      sourceFunction: GeoTIFF.fromUrl,
      // Only required if sourceFunction is GeoTIFF.fromArrayBuffer
      arrayBuffer: null,
      // Optional nodata value (integer)
      // (to be ignored by getValueAtLatLng)
      noDataValue: undefined,
      // Optional key to extract nodata value from GeoTIFFImage
      // nested keys can be provided in dot notation, e.g.
      // (to be ignored by getValueAtLatLng)
      // this overrides noDataValue, the nodata value should be an integer
      noDataKey: undefined,
      // The block size to use for buffer
      blockSize: 65536,
      // Optional, override default opacity of 1 on the image added to the map
      opacity: 1,
      // Optional, hide imagery while map is moving (may prevent 'flickering' in some browsers)
      clearBeforeMove: false,
    // create layer
    var layer = L.leafletGeotiff(url, options).addTo(map);

    Methods - L.leafletGeotiff

    method params description
    getBounds get leaflet LatLngBounds of the layer
    getMinMax get min max values in data (ignores noDataValue if defined)
    getValueAtLatLng (lat: {Number}, lng: {Number}) get raster value at a point*

    Renderer - Plotty

    Useful for single-band raster data.

    const options = {
      // Optional. Minimum values to plot.
      displayMin: 0,
      // Optional. Maximum values to plot.
      displayMax: 1,
      // Optional flag for plotty to enable/disable displayMin/Max.
      applyDisplayRange: true,
      // Optional. If true values outside `displayMin` to `displayMax` will be rendered as if they were valid values.
      clampLow: true,
      clampHigh: true,
      // Optional. Plotty color scale used to render the image.
      colorScale: "viridis",
    const renderer = L.LeafletGeotiff.plotty(options);

    Methods - leafletGeotiff.plotty

    method params description
    setColorScale (colorScale: {String}) set layer color scale
    setDisplayRange (min: {Number}, max: {Number}) set layer display range
    setClamps (clampLow: {Boolean}, clampLow: {Boolean}) set layer clamp options
    getColourbarDataUrl (paletteName: {String}) get a data URI for a color palette (e.g. to display colorbar).
    getColorbarOptions get list of available color palettes

    New color scales can be created using plotty's addColorScale method.

    Renderer - RGB

    Useful for multi-band raster data (e.g. true color).

    RGB renderer options must currently be added by extending L.leafletGeotiff options.

    const renderer = L.LeafletGeotiff.rgb();
    const options = {
      // Optional, band index to use as R-band
      rBand: 0,
      // Optional, band index to use as G-band
      gBand: 1,
      // Optional, band index to use as B-band
      bBand: 2,
      // band index to use as alpha-band
      // NOTE: this can also be used in combination with transpValue, then referring to a
      // color band specifying a fixed value to be interpreted as transparent
      alphaBand: 0,
      // for all values equal to transpValue in the band alphaBand, the newly created alpha
      // channel will be set to 0 (transparent), all other pixel values will result in alpha 255 (opaque)
      transpValue: 0,
      renderer: renderer,
    // create layer
    var layer = L.leafletGeotiff(url, options).addTo(map);

    Renderer - Vector Arrows

    For plotting velocity (i.e. quiver plot)

    const options = {
      // Optional, size in pixels of direction arrows for vector data.
      arrowSize: 20,
    const renderer = L.LeafletGeotiff.vectorArrows(options);

    Advanced usage options

    1. Custom renderer can be implemented by extending L.LeafletGeotiffRenderer.


    npm install
    npm run build

    What about the original leaflet-geotiff?

    This repo is an attempt to pull together a bunch of community-driven improvements that have been made in various forks of leaflet-geotiff over the years but have failed to make it back into the leaflet-geotiff npm package, and to provide a place for active development for new features.


    CSIRO Open Source Software Licence Agreement (variation of the BSD / MIT License)




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