Leaflet utility functions on geometries


  • Tested with stable Leaflet 0.7.0

Check out online documentation.

    sudo apt-get install nodejs phantomjs
  • Ready !
    make test
  • Nothing changed yet.
  • Use a soft dependency for Leaflet (thanks Erik Escoffier)
  • Make sure interpolateOnLine() always returns a L.LatLng object (thanks Justin Manley)
  • Added UMD style initialization (thanks @PerLiedman)
  • Added readable distance (thanks @Mylen)
  • Fix side effects on latlngs with closest() (thanks @AndrewIngram)
  • Locate point on line
  • Rotate point around center
  • Fixed bug if closest point was on last segment
  • Line subpart extraction
  • Line lengths
  • Angle and slope computation
  • Line reverse
  • Line interpolation
  • Initial working version
  • BSD New