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A HTML canvas layer to render large amounts of geojson data.

Basic Usage

 * note unlike most DOM based map event handling which return only
 * the top feature, the L.CanvasGeojsonLayer returns all features
 * the are moused over or clicked.
var canvasLayer = new L.CanvasGeojsonLayer({
    onMouseOver : function(features) {
        // handle mouseover events
    onMouseOut : function(features) {
        // handle mouseout events
    onClick : function(features) {
        // handle mouse click events
// add to map
 * This is just shorthand for creating a bunch of L.CanvasFeature 
 * or L.CanvasFeatureCollection objects from your geojson
// first render


There are two ways two the geojson:

  1. Assign a renderer to the layer
canvasLayer.renderer = function() {}
  1. Assign a renderer to the L.CanvasFeature
canvasFeature.renderer = function() {}

If a CanvasFeature render is provided, it will be used instead of the layer render.

The renderer function should look like:

 * ctx - The canvas elements 2d context
 * xyPoints - either object or array
 *  for Point: {x: number, y: number}
 *  for Linestring: array of points
 *  for Polygon: array of points
 *  for Multipolygon: array of Polygons
 * map - canvas layers map
 * geojson - actual geojson object passed to L.CanvasFeature
 * The function will be called in scope of the CanvasFeature.  So
 * [this] will access the CanvasFeature
function render(ctx, xyPoints, map, geojson) {
    // to stuff here

See /src/defaultRenderer/index.js for full example. This is also the layer default if no renderer is assigned.

Layer Methods

addCanvasFeatures(features: [L.CanvasFeature | L.CanvasFeatureCollection])

Add array of CanvasFeatures to layer

addCanvasFeature(feature: L.CanvasFeature | L.CanvasFeatureCollection)

Add single L.CanvasFeature or L.CanvasFeatureCollection

removeCanvasFeature(feature: L.CanvasFeature | L.CanvasFeatureCollection)

remove single L.CanvasFeature or L.CanvasFeatureCollection


Remove all canvas layer features

getCanvasFeatureForGeojson(geojson: Object)

Returns a L.CanvasFeature or L.CanvasFeatureCollection. Useful for when you need to lookup a Feature to remove or update the visibility


Render to GeoJSON

CanvasFeature Visibility

If you want to hide/show a feature, the recommended method is to use the visible flag with the associated L.CanvasFeature. Not only will the Feature not be drawn, but this flag will save the layer from reprojecting the feature.