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    Part of the core of the Leaf UI.

    A basic typography reset and useful classes to use as base on a web project. It tries to keep up with best practices in web typography such as vertical rhythm and proper line length.


    We recommend using Bower to manage front-end dependencies:

    bower install leaf-typography

    If you don't use bower you can manually use it by just grabbing the file inside the dist folder.

    Also available on NPM:

    npm install leaf-typography

    Details on implementation

    Leaf philosophy

    As with other Leaf core components this one is written in SCSS and uses hyphenated BEM syntax. Please check the CONTRIBUTING guide for info on code style.

    Vertical Rhythm?

    One should try to keep the spacing between lines and text elements uniform. It's called vertical rhythm. leaf-typography cannot guarantee that every element on your page will follow that, but it's designed to help achieving it.

    No typeface?

    leaf-typography does not come with a pre-chosen typeface. You must provide your own. The concepts here presented must work with any typeface.

    One once said that "Choosing a typeface is not typography".


    The default elements

    leaf-typography comes with the default headings h1 to h6 are properly styled to follow a consistent ratio of growth in font-size.

    So you can just use them as usual and get the results.

    Also, p and table elements has a good consistent margin and line-height by default.

    .lf-text and .lf-type

    Those are special types of classes that come with leaf-typography.

    The .lf-text classes refer to the text attributes such as the text color and text size.

    On the other hand, .lf-type classes refer to the typeface attributes such as the font style and weight.

    By default any text block renders with the following properties:

    • The font color is dark and must be visible in light backgrounds.
    • The font weight is normal and the font version used is regular.
    • The letter spacing is the one provided by the font.

    Both class types come with modifiers that you can use to change the rendering:

    • Modifiers for .lf-text:
      • .lf-text--light: indicates that the text background is dark, therefore the text must be white or a light color.
    • Modifiers for lf-type:
      • .lf-type--condensed: lower the default letter spacing in the font. Useful for large headings.
      • .lf-type--light: uses a thinner version of the font if available.
      • .lf-type--bold: uses the bold version of the font.
      • .lf-type--italic: uses the italic version of the font.

    The special element .lf-text__block

    This class assures the block will have a maximum length suitable for optimal line reading.

    <div class="lf-text__block">
      Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. In vestibulum vehicula commodo. In id augue quam. Cras non maximus purus. Donec auctor sapien purus. Donec malesuada mi facilisis pretium feugiat. Phasellus vestibulum massa a nisi tempus, at sodales enim dapibus. Maecenas et sapien nec ex sodales aliquet sit amet sed tortor. Sed ac elit urna. Curabitur eu ipsum nibh. Ut in augue hendrerit, feugiat erat eget, congue quam.
      Nunc in vestibulum quam. Pellentesque a tempus eros. Praesent sed est leo. Nullam efficitur ac est eget aliquam. In non purus nec enim finibus rutrum. Morbi porta, ipsum nec dapibus finibus, mi eros tincidunt purus, ut finibus lorem mi sed augue. Vivamus molestie ex vel metus rutrum, vitae rhoncus magna auctor. Nulla ultrices enim in neque suscipit, non facilisis quam vehicula. Quisque sit amet ligula est. Sed finibus quam id pretium mollis. Donec vehicula magna eu dictum bibendum. Nulla dictum risus non orci tristique porttitor.

    Both paragraphs inside the code block above will have their max-width defined by the .lf-text__block.

    .lf-text__block modifiers

    This special class also has its own modifiers, you can use them to change the font-size while keeping the vertical rhythm of the page.

    The classes follow the same logic as in HTML headings, the lower the number the larger the font size. There are 9 modifiers provided. Going from lf-text__block--1 for the largest one to lf-text__block--9 for the smallest one.

    Notice that the smallest one is still larger that the font-size of the original p.

    Take a look:

      <h1 class="lf-text__block--1">I'm a extra large heading</h1>
      <p class="lf-text__block--9">I'm a leading paragraph.</p>
      <p>I'm a normal paragraph.</p>


    You can see leaf-typography in action by cloning and running the built-in demo located on the demo folder.

    Browser support

    You can use it everywhere as long as it supports font-related CSS, REM and EM CSS units.

    We test support on most evergreen browsers with Sauce Labs.

    Android iOS
    31+ 9+ 31+ 28+ 7+ 12+ 4.1+ 7+


    MIT License


    npm i leaf-typography

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