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This package helps you to track changes made on your entities automatically using a base repository class to extend from:

  • Automatically generate change sets containing information about WHO, WHEN and WHAT was changed on your entities.
  • Be able to rollback a single or multiple entities to the state of a specified change set or date. (The reset gets also tracked)
  • Be able to "softly" delete entities, which have a delete flag on them.
  • Be able to restore a single or multiple "softly" deleted entities.


Register the component

The minimum required code changes to use the library to its full extend is simply registering it in the application.ts constructor:

import { ChangeRepository, ChangeSetRepository, LbxChangeSetsComponent } from 'lbx-change-sets';


Change Set

Create an entity that should use change sets

All entities that should make use of the change set functionality need to extend ChangeSetEntity:

import { ChangeSetEntity } from 'lbx-change-sets';
// ...
export class TestChangeSetEntity extends ChangeSetEntity {
        type: 'string',
        required: true
    firstName: string;

        type: 'string',
        required: true
    lastName: string;

    constructor(data?: Partial<TestChangeSetEntity>) {

Create the repository for that entity

The repository needs to extend CrudChangeSetRepository:

import { CrudChangeSetRepository } from 'lbx-change-sets';
// ...
export class TestChangeSetEntityRepository extends CrudChangeSetRepository<
> {
        dataSource: DbDataSource,
        changeSetRepositoryGetter: Getter<ChangeSetRepository>,
        changeRepository: ChangeRepository,
        changeSetRepository: ChangeSetRepository,
        getUserProfile: Getter<UserProfile>
    ) {
        super(TestChangeSetEntity, dataSource, changeSetRepositoryGetter, changeRepository, changeSetRepository, getUserProfile);


That's it. Whenever you user the default actions of the repository like "create" or "updateById" a change set will be generated automatically.

If you use transactions they will be used to guarantee that change sets are only generated when the base operation worked.

INFO: If you have complex relations that should be tracked or rolled back you will probably need to override the corresponding methods.

Get change sets

All existing change sets are available via the normal @hasMany property "changeSets" on your entity and repository. You can however also get them via the ChangeSetRepository and ChangeRepository.


To rollback you can simply call the methods rollback[ToDate | ToChangeSet...] on your repository.

Exclude properties from change set creation

If you have some properties that you don't want to have in your change sets, you can exlude them by overriding the keysToExcludeFromChangeSets array in your repository. By default this already doesn't track the entities id.

Change Set & Soft Delete

If you want to use the soft delete features aswell, you can basically follow the same steps above but extend from ChangeSetSoftDeleteEntity and CrudChangeSetSoftDeleteRepository.

They provide the same functionality mentionend above and some more:

soft delete

To softly delete a single or multiple entities you can use the respoitories softDelete[ById | All...] methods.


To softly delete a single or multiple entities you can use the respoitories restore[ById | All...] methods.

convenience methods

Because most times you probably want to only return or update entities that aren't deleted, the repository provides some convenience methods for that:

  • findNonDeleted: find, but limited to not deleted entities
  • findDeleted: find, but limited to deleted entities
  • updateAllNonDeleted: updateAll, but limited to not deleted entities
  • updateAllDeleted: updateAll, but limited to deleted entities
  • rollbackAllNonDeletedToDate: rollbackAllToDate, but limited to not deleted entities
  • rollbackAllDeletedToDate: rollbackAllToDate, but limited to deleted entities
  • deleteAllDeleted: deleteAll, but limited to deleted entities

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