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lazy promises which start on then


LazyPromise is Promises/A+ compatible. Most promise implementations begin doing the underlying work as soon as the promise is created. LazyPromise puts that off until the promised value is needed. For example, a LazyPromise for a remote resource will avoid making the underlying network request until its .then() method is called.


var LazyPromise = require('lazypromise')

Use LazyPromise with a promise-style resolver function.

var lazyPromise = LazyPromise(function (resolve, reject) {

At this point, the resolver has not been called. lazyPromise is a Promises/A+ compatible promise which you can pass around your application. However, the resolver (which might be an expensive computation, database query, etc.) will not be invoked until a fulfilled or rejected handler is added using .then(). If nothing ever calls .then(), then the resolver will never be invoked!


$ npm install lazypromise

running the tests

from project root:

$ npm install
$ npm test



MIT. (c) 2013 jden See