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A simple wrapper around node's built-in pbkdf2 functionality.


var lazyhash = require('lazyhash');
// create a hash of some text 
lazyhash.create('test', function (err, result) {
    // check some text against a key and salt'test', result.salt, result.key, function (err, equal) {


create(input, callback)

input: the text you want to hash
callback(err, result): result is an object containing the salt and derived key

compare(input, salt, key, callback)

input: the text you want to hash and compare to key
salt: the salt used when generating key
key: the key, for which salt was used, to compare to input's key
callback(err, equal): equal is a boolean, true if the keys match otherwise false


This assumes node version >= 0.9.x. Whichever node version changed the crypto lib to return buffers. This code assumes buffers are returned. I built this against node 0.9.3.