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Wraps the jQuery UI accordion as an AngularJS v1 directive, for LaxarJS widgets.


To use this control you should install it into your LaxarJS v2 project:

npm install laxar-accordion-control

This control requires jQuery UI and only works for LaxarJS widget that are targeting AngularJS v1.


Reference the control from the widget.json descriptor of your widget:

"controls"[ "laxar-accordion-control" ]

Now you should be able to use ax-accordion in your HTML widget template:

<div ax-accordion="{ duration: 200 }">
   <div class="ax-accordion-group">
      <div>First Panel Title</div>
      <div>Contents of first panel</div>
   <div class="ax-accordion-group">
      <div>Second Panel Title</div>
      <div>Contents of second panel</div>

The directive attribute can be used to specify options for the jQuery UI accordion.