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    A flexible and scalable local database for the web

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    LavaStore is a flexible and scalable local database for web development. It uses a document-oriented data model to store persistent data safely with our built-in powerful storage structure.


    • Easy to learn
    • Intuitive data modeling structure inspired from Firestore (Firebase)
    • Simple and readable API
    • TypeScript types Support

    Third-party extensions

    • Query Language Support
    • Asynchronous (in-progress)


    LavaStore can be installed using npm (or directly downloaded from the official GitHub repo).

    npm i lavastore

    View the project on NPM or GitHub.


    Documents contains sub-collections and fields (data), and Collections contains sub-documents.

    Always start with creating a new LavaStore('my_store') class and give it a unique ID. The next step is to either setup a store document and collection structure using either the InsurePath() method, or chained Add() methods. Alternatively, use SetPath() if you already have data to store in a specific subdocument.

    The image below is an example of an Firestore structure which is easily replicable locally using LavaStore.


    Here, spotify is a document containing no data but a users collection, where user-related data might be stored between sessions.

    Data model

    The way we store data using LavaStore is heavily inspired by the Cloud Firestore data model.

    Unlike a SQL database, there are no tables or rows. Instead, you store data in documents, which are organized into collections.

    Each document contains a set of key-value pairs. Cloud Firestore is optimized for storing large collections of small documents.

    All documents must be stored in collections. Documents can contain subcollections and nested objects, both of which can include primitive fields like strings or complex objects like lists.

    Read more about structuring data and data modeling from the Firebase documentation.


    The code below initializes a new LavaStore document root called app. When first running this code in the browser, we'll see a empty object being logged, but after a reload it contains the data { value: "Test" }.

    // TypeScript
    import { LavaStore } from "lavastore";
    const AppDocument = new LavaStore("app");
        value: "Test"

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    Public API


    This is a regular LSDocument with the only exception that it strictly must be root of a Document/Collection tree.


    class LSDocument {
        id: string;
        parent: LSCollection | undefined;
        Collection(id: string): LSCollection | undefined;
        Contains(id: string): boolean;
        Add(collection: LSCollection): void;
        Remove(id: string): void;
        InsurePath(path: string | string[]): void;
        Load(): void;
        Save(): void;
        Set(data: object): void;
        Get(): object;
        HasData(): boolean;
        SetPath(path: string | string[], data: object): void;
        GetPath(path: string | string[]): object;
        CollectionPath(path: string | string[]): LSCollection;
        DocumentPath(path: string | string[]): LSDocument;
        PassTo(callback: ((data: object) => any)): void;


    class LSCollection {
        id: string;
        parent: LSDocument | undefined;
        Contains(id: string): boolean;
        Document(id: string): LSDocument | undefined;
        Add(document: LSDocument): void;
        Remove(id: string): void;

    Want to help?

    All help is very much appreciated! You can fork the repo right now and start building your own modified version right away, and if you happen to create something interesting and useful, don't hesitate to file a pull request!

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