A library for making the Novation Launchpad incredibly easy to play with.


A node library for interacting with the Novation Launchpad.

You can install Launchpadder via npm:

$ npm install launchpadder

I tried to make usage as straightforward as possible:

var Launchpadder = require("launchpadder");
// The 0 represents the MIDI port to connect with 
var pad = new Launchpadder.Launchpad(0)
pad.on("press", function(button) {
    console.log(button + " was pressed");
pad.on("release", function(button) {
    console.log(button + " was released");

Coming soon. The library is still in its early stages, so I don't want to document everything now just to have it change in the future. Check launchpad.js for the current API, it's a pretty easy read.