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JavaScript, with a little milk and sugar


JavaScript, with a little milk & sugar

Latte is an extension of JavaScript, bringing features of CoffeeScript in a familiar JS syntax.

If you like CoffeeScript, but not the Rubyish syntax, Latte is for you.

npm install -g latte


npm install --save-dev latte
$ latte --help
Latte.js compiler.
Usage: latte [options] [--] files...
  -c, --compile  Compile input files. If not specified, evaluates the files.
  -o, --output   Output directory, to be used with --compile.
  --version      Show version
$ latte
> [1,2,3].map(x => x * x)
[ 1, 4, 9 ]
latte -o lib/ -c src/
latte -o lib/ -c src/ -m

See the proper documentation at

  • Arrow functions
  • Generators
  • Iterators
  • Destructuring assignment
  • Template strings
  • Block-scoped variables ('let' statement)
  • For-of statement
  • Rest params
  • Array spreads
  • Monad syntax (similar to Haskell) for flattening async control flow
  • Array comprehensions
  • Declare variables in array comprehensions (more functional programming goodness)
  • Filter with 'if' in for-of/for-in statements
  • Registered .latte extension with Node.js, so .latte modules can be required (#15)
  • Removed git:// dependencies
  • Changed iterators & generators to reflect latest ES6 spec (no more StopIteration).
  • Added benchmarks (just for generators, initially).
  • Optimised generators for tail call emulation use case - performance is comparable to trampoline.
  • Monads now implemented via generators - reusing control flow logic, and to allow use of native generators implementation where available (this will be a command line flag later on).
  • Monads now properly support return statement (fixes #9).
  • Added support for array spreads (via
  • Added support for rest params (via
  • Added support for generating source maps (via
  • Allow monad binds in for loops.
  • Allow monad binds in test/update expressions in all supported control structures.
  • Fixed break and continue in monad blocks.
  • Fixed issue with monadic binds in a multiple-var-decl statement resulting in undefined references.

Fixed issue with using functions as part of a monad bind.

Various fixes.

  • Support for monads.
  • Initial support for ES6 generators.
  • For-of statement.

Array comprehension improvement

Clear module cache when evaluating script in-process

  • Array comprehension with variables
  • Set __dirname properly when evaluating script in-process
  • Array comprehensions
  • Command line improvements
  • For-in-if statement: for (x in y if ('awesome')))
  • Array destructuring
  • Let statement
  • Support for more AST nodes (stops the noisy output)

Basic quasi-literals support

Node 0.8 compatibility

Grunt task

Unix fixes

Initial release, arrow functions