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A new Lately() will deep learn for you a sequence, a sequence of 'strings'. Feed it a stream of these named events, and Lately will predict for you the probable future events of the stream.

Table of Contents


First, install with npm:

$ npm install --save lately

Quick start

> var lately = require('lately');
> var l = new lately.Lately();
> l.feed(['hello', 'world', 'hello']);
> l.predict()
  'world': 0.7,
  'hello': 0.3


First, we need to install development packages:

$ npm install

After install, run tests by:

$ npm test

See package.json for test suite details.

Technology stack

Development tools:


On the master branch, we use the semantic versioning scheme. The semantic version increments are bound to the operations you need to do when upgrading your TresDB instance:

  • MAJOR (+1.0.0) denotes a new incompatible feature. A database migration might be required after upgrade. Hyperlinks of earlier versions might not work.
  • MINOR (+0.1.0) denotes a new backwards-compatible feature. Upgrading directly from the Git should not break anything.
  • PATCH (+0.0.1) denotes a backwards-compatible bug fix. Upgrading or downgrading directly from the Git should not break anything.


Report bugs and features to GitHub issues.

The issue labels follow Drupal's issue priority levels: critical, major, normal, and minor.