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Command-line utility to export a user's scrobbles to file


A command-line utility to export or backup your scrobble history to file.

npm install lastfmexport -g

lastfmexport --help

lastfmexport -u <username> [options]


  • -h or --help: Show this help message
  • -u or --user: username
  • -f or --format: (optional) Output format: ldjson or csv. Default: ldjson
  • -s or --start: (optional) ISO date string in UTC of the first (oldest) scrobble.
  • -e or --end: (optional) ISO date string in UTC of the latest scrobble.
  • -o or --outfile: (optional )Output file path. Specifying '-' will print to stdout. Default: username.format

MIT License

Copyright (c) 2014 Max Kueng (