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Large Core

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Large Core is a library that helps you built P2P Typescript apps using IPFS, OrbitDB, and Ethereum.

It provides:

  • A configured OrbitDB instance.

  • An ethers.js Ethereum wallet.

  • Pre-built data services

    • Profile Service - Each wallet has a user profile. Use the default or expand it with other fields.
    • Friend Service - Follow other users. Automatically get updates to their posts and profiles.
    • Read Only Post Service - Load a large feed of posts and easily page through it. It's very lazily-loaded. Posts can not be edited.
    • Blog Post Service - A post service that allows for posts to be updated. Can still be paged through without loading all of the content. Loads a bit more data than the read only post service.
    • Page Service - Manage static pages.
    • Group Service - Not available yet. Will manage groups.
    • Schema Service - Each Large instance has a schema that it adheres to.
    • Wallet Service - Used in cases where MetaMask is not available.
    • Site Settings Service - Basic info about the website.
    • Feed Monitor Service - Manages subscriptions to various post feeds. Listens for updates to all feeds and puts any posts it finds into the user's main feed.
  • Works in the browser, Electron, and (soon) Android/iOS.

    • Use MetaMask or a built-in wallet instead.
  • Data is stored in IPFS and OrbitDB. Right now all data is unencrypted. This will likely change.

  • Ethereum is used to authenticate messages.


Include as a dependency in your package.json

  "dependencies": {
    "large-core": "0.0.7"


    import Core from 'large-core'

    //Initialize. It will need to be inside an async function
    try {
        await Core.initialize()
    } catch(ex) {

    //Access services
    let walletService:WalletService = Core.walletService
    let processFeedService:ProcessFeedService = Core.processFeedService
    let profileService:ProfileService = Core.profileService
    let postService:PostService = Core.postService
    let friendService:FriendService = Core.friendService
    let schemaService:SchemaService = Core.schemaService
    let identityService:IdentityService = Core.identityService
    let imageService:ImageService = Core.imageService


updated-unread-posts //TODO: Add detail

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