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    This is a library of interchangeable web components based on ElementUI!

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    Lannister Web Component


    • Complete Documentation — With extensive functional documentation allowing you to have vast knowledge on Lannister component. This will allow you to easily integrate Lannister components to any frameworks you know and love.
    • High performance — With Lannister component, you will get blazing fast load time, thanks to minified vanilla Javascript.
    • <5 minutes quickstart — With our quickstart docs, get lannister component loaded to your project in no time.
    • Industry standard pipeline — Take comfort in knowing that our component will not fail under normal circumstances. Our unit testing covers input cleaning and crossbrowser integration.
    • CDN Hosted Content — Providing easy to use component. You no longer need to download any files manually.

    Getting Started with Lannister Component


    You're going to need:

    • Browser — Any version of Chrome or Firefox. Currently not fully support Safari,IE,and Opera.
    • Laptop — Any operating system would be fine.
    • Text EditorTextEdit or Notepad works just fine.

    Getting Set Up

    To get the component working in your site, you will need to put this script to the bottom of your HTML file.

      <script src=""></script>

    Next, you can load up your desired component above the script.

      <lan-button>Lannister Button</lan-button>

    Other Documentation


    We accept contributions in the form of pull requests.

    You will only need to do the following:

    1. Fork this library
    2. Make pull requests
    3. Give details on what you are doing on that PR.

    To run the full suite:

    1. npm install
    2. npm update
    3. npm run lint
    4. bower install --save-dev web-component-tester
    5. npm run test
    6. npm run doc

    Have fun humans!





    npm i lannister-component

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