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"A statistical language model assigns a probability to a sequence of m words P(w_1,\ldots,w_m) by means of a probability distribution." (Wikipedia)

This module provides a unigram-based cross-lingual language model, inspired by: Leuski Anton, Traum David. A Statistical Approach for Text Processing in Virtual Humans tech. rep.University of Southern California, Institute for Creative Technologies 2008.

A CrossLanguageModel can be used as a multi-class classifier/ranker, but, it also takes into account the structure of the output classes.


npm install languagemodel


var CrossLanguageModel = require('languagemodel').CrossLanguageModel;

var model = new CrossLanguageModel({
    smoothingFactor : 0.9

    {input: {i:1, want:1, aa:1}, output: {a:1}},
    {input: {i:1, want:1, bb:1}, output: {b:1}},
    {input: {i:1, want:1, cc:1}, output: {c:1}},

console.dir(model.similarities({i:1, want:1, aa:1, and:1, bb:1}));


[ { output: { a: 1 }, similarity: -0.29506393100486217 },
  { output: { b: 1 }, similarity: -0.29506393100486217 },
  { output: { c: 1 }, similarity: -0.6413224201123425 } ]